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The 2014-15 Season

2014-2015 Highlights Articles and Pictures


Ponca Open

2015 Ponca Open
Boston Graber 4th, Holden Lough 2nd, Hunter Chase 2nd
Not Pictured: Korbin Wise 3rd, Gavin Lough 1st, Mason Manning 2nd, Dalton Collins 1st



Morrison Open

2015 Morrison Open
Talon Verbeck 3rd, Jevin Foust 1st, Tucker Verbeck 1st
Not Pictured: Marcus Robinson 1st & Montez Robinson 2nd


Tuttle Open

2015 Tuttle Open
Spencer Mosier 4th

Jenks Open

2015 Jenks Open
Traven Hutton 1st

Bixby Open - Traven Hutton 2nd, Tucker Verbeck 1st

Ark City Open

Ark City Open
Front Row (L-R): Tucker Verbeck 1st, Talon Verbeck 2nd
Back Row: Spencer Mosier 4th, Hunter Chase 3rd, Gavin Lough 1st, Holden Lough 2st, Chevy Sartin 1st, Trig Tennant 2nd, Traven Hutton 1st, Jevin Foust 2nd, Rhett Lathers 3rd, and Gabe Buckbee 1st
Not Pictured: Samuel Dickey 2nd, Cody Bruce 1st, Christian Robinson 2nd, Jai Watson 4th, and Deston Miller 1st

Ark City Novice

2015 Ark City Novice
(L-R): Devin Helms 1st (open), Oscar Sanchez 3rd, Kamari Jennings 4th, Wyatt Paton 3rd, Braiden Chaparro 3rd (open), Roman Coldwell 3rd, Tell Pfannenstiel 4th
Not Pictured: Zackary Logsdon 1st, Adain Aldridge 2nd, Josh Klotz 1st, Eli Manning 1st, and Parker Manning 2nd

Derby Open

2015 Derby Open
Talon Verbeck 2nd, Gavin Lough 1st, Traven Hutton 1st, Jevin Foust 1st, Trig Tennant 3rd, Holden Lough 2nd, and Tucker Verbeck 4th
Not Pictured: Devin Helms 1st and Samuel Dickety 1st


2015 USJOC
Hunter Chase 6th, Traven Hutton 4th, Jevin Foust 4th, Tucker Verbeck 6th

Newkirk Open

2015 Newkirk Open
Korbin Wise 1st

Kansas Young Guns

2015 KS Young Guns
Front Row (L-R): Kolby Quint 3rd, Tukcer Verbeck 1st, Boston Graber 3rd, Talon Verbeck 2nd
Back Row: Trig Tennant 2nd, Traven Hutton 1st, Jevin Foust 1st, and Holden Lough 1st

Cotton Bowl Nationals

2015 Cotton Bowl Nationals
Tucker Verbeck 2nd

Bishop Carroll Open

2015 Bishop Carroll Open
Holden Lough 2nd

Augusta Open

2015 Augusta Open
Joshua Klotz 4th, Rhett Lathers 4th, Traven Hutton 1st, Kolby Quint 1st, Boston Graber 4th
Not Pictured: Deston Miller 1st, Jai Watson 2nd

Augusta Novice

2015 Augusta Novice
Parker Manning 2nd, Roman Coldwell 2nd, Eli Manning 2nd, Aleena Ford 4th, Caydyn Farris 1st, Tell Pfannenstiel 3rd, Michael Segree 1st
Not Pictured: David Miller 4th

Newton Novice

2015 Newton Novice
Lucas Barnes 2nd, (Not Pictured: Michael Segree 2nd, Tell Pfannenstiel 4th, Caydyn Farris 4th, and Roman Caldwell 2nd)

Caney Open

2015 Caney Open
Spencer Mosier 1st

2015 Flo Tulsa Nationals

2015 Flo Tulsa Nationals
Talon Verbeck 6th