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The 2011-12 Season



State Placers

The Ark City Takedown Club made a strong showing at the Kansas State Folkstyle Championships held in Topeka on Saturday, March 24th and Sunday March 25th. Ten ACTC members placed in the top six or better in their age/weight divisions.

Congratulations to the following wrestlers:

Kael Pappan 1st 8u 58lbs

Trig Tennant 1st 8u 61lbs

Chevy Sartin 1st 10u 67lbs

Christian Robinson 6th 10u 82lbs

Montez Robinson 3rd 10u 90lbs

Jake Beeson 5th 12u 84lbs

Dakota Taylor 1st 14u 80lbs

Logan Terrill 2nd 14u 115lbs

Bryson Nuckles 5th 14u 140lbs

Cody Eastman 1st HS 138lbs

Front Row (L-R): Chevy Sartin, Trig Tennant, and Kael Pappan
Back Row: Jake Beeson, Christian Robinson, Montez Robinson, and Dakota Taylor
Not Pictured: Logan Terrill, Bryson Nuckles, and Cody Eastman

District Placers = State Qualifiers

Eighteen Ark City Takedown Club wrestlers qualified to advance to State. Districts were held on Saturday, March 17th in Wellington, KS.

Front Row (L-R): Britton MacLaughlin, Kael Pappan, Chevy Sartin, Trig Tennant, Traven Hutton, and Jevin Foust
Second Row: Christian Robinson, Jake Beeson, Marcus Robinson, Kayden Steiner, Montez Robinson, and Gabe Buckbee
Back Row: Colton Watters
Not Pictured: Hunter Terrill, Dakota Taylor, Bryson Nuckles, Logan Terrill, and Cody Eastman

Sub-District Placers

Sub-Districts were held on Saturday, March 10th at Garden Plain. Twenty-seven Ark City Takedown Club Members entered sub-districts. Twenty-five placed in the top four of their age/weight divisions and are moving on to districts.

Front Row (L-R): Traven Hutton 3rd, Chevy Sartin 1st, Kael Pappan 1st, Jake Beeson 1st, Christian Robinson 1st, and Hunter Terrill 1st
Second Row: Bryan Ailey 2nd, Britton MacLaughlin 2nd, Montez Robinson 2nd, Jevin Foust 3rd, Kayden Steiner 2nd, and Gabe Buckbee 2nd
Back Row: Garrett Feck 3rd, Dalton Collins 4th, Jasean Bell 3rd, Marcus Robinson 2nd, Dakota Taylor 3rd, and Jake Shaw 2nd
(Not Pictured: Trig Tennant 1st, Brody Villers 1st, Jessie Milliron 3rd, Cody Eastman 1st, Bryson Nuckles 2nd, Colton Watters 3rd, and Logan Terrill 1st)


Park City Classic

The annual Park City Classic was held on Saturday, March 3rd at the Hartman Arena. Twelve Ark City wrestlers entered the competition. Nine placed in the top four of their age/weight divisions. Trig Tennant (8u 58lbs), Britton MacLaughlin (10u 79lbs), and Montez Robinson (10u 90lbs) took first. While Christian Robinson (10u 82lbs), Gabe Buckbee (12u 68lbs), and Jasean Bell (12u 140lbs) placed second. Third place was captured by Hunter Chase (6u 49lbs). Hunter Terrill (12u 76lbs) and Marcus Robinson (12u 84lbs) took fourth.

Front Row (L-R): Hunter Chase, Britton MacLaughlin, Montez Robinson, and Trig Tennant
Back Row: Hunter Terrill, Marcus Robinson, Christian Robinson, Gabe Buckbee, and Jasean Bell



Winfield Tournament

The Winfield Wrestling Club hosted their 4th Annual Kiyon Koroma Memorial Open & Novice Tournament on Saturday, February 18th. The Ark City Takedown Club entered nineteen wrestlers in the tournament. Fourteen out of those nineteen, placed in the top four of their age/weight divisions. Jace Thompson, Trig Tennant, Montez Robinson, Hunter Terrill, and Jasean Bell placed first. Second place went to Britton MacLaughlin, Christian Robinson, Spencer MacLaughlin, and Gabe Buckbee. Bryan Ailey and Garrett Feck captured third. While fourth place went to Jevin Foust, Traven Hutton, and Marcus Robinson.

Front Row (L-R): Trig Tennant, Jace Thompson, and Montez Robinson
Second Row: Spencer MacLaughlin, Jevin Foust, Traven Hutton, Bryan Ailey, and Britton MacLaughlin
Third Row: Gabe Buckbee, Garrett Feck, Christian Robinson, and Marcus Robinson
Not Pictured: Hunter Terrill, and Jasean Bell

Kansas 6U State Champs

The 6U State Championships were held on Sunday, February 19th. Trevor Johnson was the only ACTC wrestler to place at the Kansas 6U State Champs. He placed fourth in the 6U 80lbs division.


Kansas Novice State Champs

The Novice State Championship Tournament was held on Sunday, February 12th, in Derby. Only first year wrestlers were eligible to compete in the tournament. Seven ACTC novice wrestlers entered the tournament. Five of the seven placed in the top six of their age/weight divisions.

2012 Novice State Champ Placers

Front Row (L-R): Kase Hunt, 5th; Cody Bruce, 3rd; Trevor Johnson, 2nd; and Trace Rider, 2nd
Back Row: Gavin Lehew, 3rd

Mulvane Hosts Annual Open Tournament on February 11th, 2011

Thirteen Ark City Takedown Club members competed in the Mulvane Tournament held on Saturday, February 11th. All thirteen wrestlers placed in the top four of their age/weight divisions. Jevin Foust (8u 58a), Bryan Ailey (8u 64a), and Jonas Stoy(8U 64b) all placed first. Justis Mosier (6u 55a), Jace Thompson (6u 61-64), Traven Hutton (8u 61a), Britton MacLaughlin (10u 79a), and Garrett Feck (12u 100-105) took second. Third place went to Hunter Chase (6u 52a), Christian Blenden (12u 130-140), and Dalton Collins (12u 150-160). While Jarod Thompson (10u 76) and Gavin Lehew (10u 85) took fourth.

Mulvane Placers 2012

mulvane 2012
Hunter Chase (3rd), Bryan Ailey (1st), Jonas Stoy (1st), Dalton Collins (3rd), and Britton MacLaughlin (3rd)
Not Pictured: Justis Mosier (2nd), Jace Thompson (2nd), Jevin Foust (1st), Traven Hutton (2nd), Jarod Thompson (4th), Gavin Lehew (4th), Garrett Feck (2nd), and Christian Blenden (3rd)


Maize Hosts Annual Battle of the Belt

On Saturday, February 4th, Maize hosted their annual Battle of the Belt. They accepted up to 1,500 entries. The top four placers in each bracket were awarded a medal, with the champion earning the "prestigious" belt. Three Ark City Takedown Club members brought home belts, while five others earned medals.

Maize 2012 Placers

(Left-Right): Aidan Brantley (4th), Christian Robinson (2nd), Montez Robinson (1st), Britton MacLaughlin (3rd), Chevy Sartin (2nd), and Gabe Buckbee(3rd)
Not Pictured: Trig Tennant (1st) and Kael Pappan (1st)


Salina Hosts Annual Tournament of Champions (TOC)

(Please click on the individual wrestler's name under the group picture below to view the Salina TOC picture)

On Saturday, January 28th, 2012, Salina Wrestling Club hosted their annual Tournament of Champions. They proudly boast that this is one of the largest, and toughest wrestling competitions in the state. And they are probably right! Twenty Ark City Takedown Club wrestlers entered the TOC. Excatly 50% of our wrestlers came out on the medalling side, while the other ten were beat out before placing. Our Club earned the honor of 8th place in Overall Team points. We also captured Runner-Up in the 10U Team Champions division beneath the Kansas Young Guns. To view all of the overall results click here. Individual results can be found by following the link provided in our Schedule and Results page.

Salina TOC Placers 2012

Salina 2012 Placers
Christian Robinson (3rd), Holden Lough (5th), Britton MacLaughlin (5th), Chevy Sartin (1st), Kael Pappan (1st), Jake Beeson (1st), Trig Tennant (1st), Montez Robinson (3rd), Gabe Buckbee (5th), and Jasean Bell (5th)

57th Annual Tulsa Nationals Held on January 20 -21, 2012

Nine Ark City Takedown Club wrestlers competed in Tulsa Nationals. After two tough days of competition, only two were able to place. Trig Tennant placed 6th at 8u 55 lbs, and Kael Pappan took 2nd at 8u 58 lbs.

Trig Tennant and Kael Pappan

Augusta Hosts Open/Novice Tournament on January 21st, 2012

Seventeen ACTC wrestlers entered the Augusta tournament. Fifteen placed in the top five of their age/weight divisions. Trace Rider, Kase Hunt, Cale Shorter, and Zach Combs each claimed the championship. Cody Bruce, Jace Thompson, Trevor Johnson, Jonas Stoy, and Gavin Lough all took second. Dalton Collins placed third. While Holden Lough, Grant Cook, Jevin Foust, and Kade Hunt finished fourth. Justis Mosier placed fifth.

Cale Shorter
augusta 2012 placers
Holden Lough, Jace Thompson, Gavin Lough, Grant Cook, and Justis Mosier
Trace Rider, Kase Hunt, Cody Bruce, Trevor Johnson, and Kade Hunt

Goddard Open Held on Saturday, January 14th, 2012

Fourteen Ark City Takedown Club open and novice wrestlers competed and fared well at Goddard on Saturday, January 14th. Ten medaled by placing in the top four of their age/weight divisions.

Front Row (L-R): Justis Mosier (4th), Hunter Chase (4th), Traven Hutton (2nd), Jevin Foust (3rd), and Jonas Stoy (4th)
Back Row: Montez Robinson (3rd), Marcus Robinson (3rd), Britton MacLaughlin (3rd), and Christian Robinson (1st)


Haysville Hosts Novice Tournament

Haysville hosted a novice tournament on Sunday, January 15, 2012. Several Ark City Takedown Club wrestlers competed and placed in the top four of their age/weight divisions.

Justis Mosier, 1st; Holden Lough, 1st; and Hunter Chase 2nd


Trevor Johnson (4th), Cody Bruce (4th), Kade Hunt (2nd), Ayden Legleiter (1st), Kase Hunt (4th), and Andrew Beeson (1st)


USJOC & Valley Center Tournaments

The weekend of January 6th & 7th offered ample opportunity to wrestle for the Ark City Takedown Club. Several ACTC members competed in the USJOC (United States Junior Open Championships) held in Oklahoma City, OK. Five wrestlers placed in the top three of their age/weight divisions at USJOC. Kael Pappan brought home the championship, while Trig Tennant and Chevy Sartin placed second, and Jake Beeson and Gabe Buckbee took third. Back in Kansas, several other ACTC wrestlers competed and placed in Valley Center's Open Tournament held the same weekend.

USJOC 2012 Placers

Front Row (L-R): Gabe Buckbee, 3rd; Kael Pappan, 1st; Trig Tennant, 2nd; and Chevy Sartin, 2nd
Back Row: Jake Beeson, 3rd

Valley Center Tournament Placers

Front Row (L-R): Britton MacLaughlin, 1st; Montez Robinson, 2nd; Jevon Foust, 4th; and Aidan Brantley, 1st
Back Row: Garrett Feck, 4th; Dalton Collins, 2nd; Marcus Robinson, 2nd; Gavin Lehew, 2nd; and Christian Robinson, 1st



Derby's Tom Faust Tournament Held On Saturday, December 17th and Sunday, December 18th

Several Ark City Takedown Club wrestlers competed in the annual Tom Faust Tournament held in Derby, KS. Saturday's tournament was for open wrestlers, and Sunday was the day for novice wrestlers.

Derby Open Placers

From Left-Right: Dakota Taylor, Christian Robinson, Kael Pappan, Montez Robinson, Trig Tennant, Jace Thompson, Dalton Collins, and Holden Lough


Derby Novice Placers


2011 Ark City Takedown Tournament Very Successful

On December 10th & 11th the Ark City Takedown Club held their 38th annual invitational tournament. This year it was revamped and renamed "the Battle on the Border." Several Oklahoma clubs were welcomed and took advantage of the opportunity to enter a Kansas wrestling tournament so close to their backyards. Between the two days, nearly 800 Kansas and Oklahoma wrestlers competed in the event. Saturday's tournament was for open contenders and hosted just under 500 wrestlers. Sunday was the day for novice wrestlers; nearly 300 of them competing in the event. Families and friends of the Ark City Takedown Club volunteered and helped run the tournament. In estimation, about 75 volunteers offered their services to make the tournament successful. The Ark City Takedown Club is very much appreciative of everyone who gave of their time or talent to help with the tournament. We certainly could not have done it without them!!! THANK YOU!!!

Ark City Takedown Club Tournament Open Placers

actc 2011 placers
Front Row (L-R): Christian Robinson, Gavin Lough, Britton MacLaughlin, Kael Pappan, Trig Tennant, Chevy Sartin, and Cael Cook
Back Row: Marcus Robinson, Dalton Collins, Corbin Hockenbury, Jake Beeson, Dakota Taylor, Ketchin Kiser, Hunter Terrill, and Montez Robinson

Ark City Takedown Club Novice Placers



Amarillo on their Minds

Kael Pappan and Trig Tennant competed and reigned supreme in the Cliff Keen Amarillo Nationals held in Amarillo, Texas on December 3rd, 2011. In addition to placing 1st, Kael was also awarded "8u Outstanding Wrestler."

Champions Trig Tennant and Kael Pappan

Kael Pappan Dominates at Cliff Keen KickOff Classic

The annual Cliff Keen KickOff Classic was held on November 18th & 19th in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Kael Pappan claimed the championship in his 8U 61lbs division.

Kael Pappan Cliff Keen Kick Off
Kael Pappan proudly displays his winnings

Ponca Provides Solid Competition for the Beginning of the Season

Nineteen Ark City Takedown Club wrestlers competed at the Ponca City-Doug Blubaugh Shelby Wilson Classic Tournament which was held on Saturday, November 19th, 2011. Sixteen ACTC wrestlers placed in the top four of their age/weight divisions.

Ponca Placers 2011
Front Row (L-R): Britton MacLaughlin, 2nd; Jonas Stoy, 4th, Cael Cook, 4th, Justis Mosier, 3rd; and Montez Robinson, 1st
(Back Row): Ketchin Kiser, 2nd; Marcus Robinson, 1st; Hunter Terrill, 1st; Dalton Collins, 4th; Garrett Feck, 1st; and Christian Robinson, 1st
(Not Pictured: Jasean Bell, 2nd; Zach Combs, 4th; Gavin Lough, 3rd; Jace Thompson, 1st; and Jarod Thompson, 4th)


Kansas Boys Fare Well in Oklahoma
Blackwell, Oklahoma, November 12, 2011

Several Ark City Takedown Club wrestlers competed in the Blackwell Open Tournament held on Saturday, November 12th, 2011. Six of our wrestlers captured 1st place, two took second, and one each at third and fourth place.

Blackwell Oklahoma Placers
Blackwell Placers 2011
Front Row (L-R): Traven Hutton, 3rd; Bryan Ailey, 4th; Jevin Foust, 2nd; Kael Pappan, 1st; Trig Tenant, 1st; and Chevy Sartin, 1st
(Back Row)Gabe Buckbee, 1st; Gavin Lough, 2nd; Ketchin Kiser, 1st; and Hunter Terrill, 1st

Monster Match and Big Horn Nationals
November 4-6, 2011

The Monster Match Nationals were held in Denver, Colorado and the Big Horn Nationals in Loveland, Colorado during the first weekend in November. Arkansas City had a nice showing of competitors and placers at both. Logan Terrill, Trey Dice, and Tyler McMichael all placed second at the Monster Match. At Big Horn Nationals, Tyler McMichael placed second and Lucas Hockenbury took fourth.

Colorado Nationals Placers
(L-R): Logan Terrill, 2nd; Lucas Hockenbury, 4th; Tyler McMichael 2nd & 4th; and Trey Dice, 2nd

Morrison Oklahoma Tournament Placers
November 5, 2011

morrison tournament placers
(Left-Right) Chevy Sartin 1st place, Dakota Taylor 3rd place, Gabe Buckbee 1st and 2nd place