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KS State Placers

Front Row (L-R): Cole Clark, Grant Cook, Trig Tennant, Chevy Sartin, Jake Beeson, Kael Pappan, Jevin Foust, and Traven Hutton
Back Row: Gabe Buckbee, Montez Robinson, Bryson Nuckles, Sterling Terry, Logan Terrill, Hunter Terrill, Gavin Lough, and Coach Chad Beeson
Not Pictured: Cody Eastman and Colby Watters

CONGRATS to all the Ark City Takedown Club Members for an OUTSTANDING Season!!!

Our TEAM took 4th place at State out of 176 other teams.  The top ten scoring teams are as follows:
Team Results:


East Kansas





Boos` School


Ark City







SEK Jr. Comets


Great Bend


Greater Gold





Congrats to all the individuals who qualified for the State tournament! 

The individual results for state are below.
Individual Results:

8U 43  Grant Cook DNP
8U 52 Trig Tennant 5th
8U 55    Kael Pappan  1st
8U 61 Chevy Sartin   1st
8U 76  Gavin Lough 3rd
10U 55  Logan Wallace DNP
10U 61 Gabe Buckbee  6th
10U 70 Jake Beeson 1st
10U 73 Hunter Terrill   4th
10U 79 Montez Robinson  6th
10U 90 Garrett Feck  DNP
10U 130 Dalton Collins DNP
12U 96 Colton Watters DNP
12U 115 Bryson Nuckles 2nd
12U 120 Zach Combs  DNP
14U 100 Logan Terrill  4th
HS 130  Cody Eastman   2nd
HS 135 Colby Watters   4th
HS 160 Sterling Terry 2nd

FREESTYLE Registration is up in the Wrestling room at the Rec.  If you’re interested in Freestyle get signed up TODAY!!!



Thirty-one Ark City Takedown Club Members Advance to Districts

Sub-Districts were held in Wellington on March 12th, 2011. The Ark City Takedown Club had 35 wrestlers compete in this tournament. Out of those 35 wrestlers, 31 placed in the top four of their age/weight divisions and will advance on to Districts. The District 2 Tournament will be held on Saturday, March 19th at Andover.

Good Luck to the Following Wrestlers!!!!

  • Grant Cook, 8U 43lbs
  • Trig Tennant 8U 52lbs
  • Kael Pappan 8U 55lbs
  • Bryan Ailey 8U 55lbs
  • Chevy Sartin 8U 61lbs
  • Gavin Lough 8U 76lbs
  • Logan Wallace 10U 55lbs
  • Gabe Buckbee 10U 61lbs
  • Jacob Beeson 10U 70lbs
  • Christian Robinson 10U 73lbs
  • Hunter Terrill 10U 73lbs
  • Montez Robinson 10U 79lbs
  • Garrett Feck 10U 90lbs
  • Dalton Collins 10U 130lbs
  • Brody Villers 12U 76lbs
  • Gage Lee 12U 88lbs
  • Colton Watters 12U 96lbs
  • Bryson Nuckles 12U 115lbs
  • Zach Combs 12U 120lbs
  • Jason Hunt 12U 120lbs
  • Corbin Clark 12U 150lbs
  • Logan Terrill 14U 100lbs
  • Alex Breckenridge 14U 140lbs
  • Anthony Brannon 14U 160lbs
  • Dalton Dietrich High School 119lbs
  • Cody Eastman High School 130lbs
  • Colby Watters High School 135lbs
  • Trey Dice High School 145lbs
  • Lucas Hockenbury High School 152lbs
  • Sterling Terry High School 160lbs
  • Matt McGrew High School 215lbs

Front Row (L-R): Chevy Sartin, Kael Pappan, Gabe Buckbee, Bryan Ailey, Grant Cook, Logan Wallace, and Gavin Lough
Middle Row: Hunter Terrill, Jake Beeson, Montez Robinson, Gage Lee, Christian Robinson, Garrett Feck, and Brody Villers
Back Row: Alex Breckenridge, Logan Terrill, Dalton Collins, Sterling Terry, Anthony Brannon, Trey Dice, and Jason Hunt


Douglass Jr. Open Tournament Held on Saturday, February 26th, 2011

(Complete Results)

douglass 2011
Traven Hutton (6U 52lbs) and Jevin Foust (6U 49lbs) pose with their first place brackets and medals
Not Pictured: Bryson Nuckles, 12U 115-120lbs, 1st place


Winfield Wrestling Club Tournament

Winfield hosted their 3rd Annual Kiyon Koroma Memorial Wrestling Tournament on Saturday, February 19th, 2011.

(Complete Results)

Winfield Placers 2011
Front Row (L-R): Jonas Stoy, Trig Tennant, Ethan Wallace, Traven Hutton, Bryan Ailey, Cale Shorter, Colten Kennedy, and Jevin Foust
Back Row: Britton MacLaughlin, Logan Wallace, Garrett Feck, Montez Robinson, Colton Kennedy, Jasean Bell, and Marcus Robinson


Kansas Novice Championships 2011

The Kansas Novice Championships were held in Derby on February 13, 2011. Four Ark City Takedown Club Members competed in the event, but only one brought home a medal.

(Complete Results)

jonas stoy
Jonas Stoy poses with his third place medal won at the Kansas Novice Championships

Independence Wrestling Club Hosts Bulldog Classic on February 12th, 2011

(Complete Results)

independence tournament
Hunter Terrill, 2nd place 10U 73lbs; and Traven Hutton, 1st place 6U 55lbs


Battle of the Belt held at Maize on February 5th, 2011

(Complete Results)

maize 2011
Front Row (L-R): Colten Kennedy, Traven Hutton, Trig Tennant, Bryan Ailey, and Jevin Foust
Back Row: Chevy Sartin, Kael Pappan, Jasean Bell, Dalton Collins, Marcus Robinson, Jake Beeson, and Montez Robinson
Not Pictured: Hunter Terrill, Bryson Nuckles, and Zach Combs


Tournament of Champions at Salina on January 29th, 2011

(Complete Results)

salina 2011
Front Row (L-R): Traven Hutton, Kael Pappan, Trig Tennant, and Chevy Sartin
Back Row: Gabe Buckbee, Bryan Ailey, Logan Wallace, Gavin Lough, Jake Beeson, and Marcus Robinson
Not Pictured: Hunter Terrill


Four Placers + One Champion at Tulsa Nationals

tulsa nationals 2011
Front Row (L-R): Trig Tennant, Kael Pappan, and Chevy Sartin
Back Row: Jake Beeson and Gabe Buckbee

Augusta Placers 2011

(Complete Results)

augusta 2011
Spencer MacLaughlin, Ethan Wallace, Hunter Terrill (more names coming soon of those not pictured)



Kings of the Ring at Haysville
January 15, 2011

haysville 2011
Front Row (L-R): Kael Pappan, Trig Tennant, Grant Cook, and Chevy Sartin
Back Row: Gabe Buckbee, Marcus Robinson, Gavin Lough, Dalton Collins, and Traven Hutton

Goddard Placers
January 8th, 2011

(L-R) Ethan Wallace, Logan Wallace, Hunter Terrill, Traven Hutton, Jevin Foust, Grant Cook, and Bow Gray

USJOC Hit Hard by Ark City Takedown Club Wrestlers
December 31 - January 1, 2011

usjoc 2011
Front Row (L-R): Traven Hutton, Gabe Buckbee, Jake Beeson, Kael Pappan, and Chevy Sartin
Back Row: Bryan Ailey, Marcus Robinson, Garrett Feck, Christian Robinson, Trig Tennant, and Spud Nuckles


Valley Center Tournament Offers Experience for Open and Novice Wrestlers
January 1st & 2nd, 2011

valley center
Front Row (L-R): Ethan Wallace, Spencer MacLaughlin, Holden Lough, Jonas Stoy
Back Row: Logan Wallace, Brice Nittler, Britton MacLaughlin, Dalton Collins, and Gavin Lough


Derby Hosts Two / Open Tournament Held on December 18th and Novice on December 19th

Front Row (L-R): Jevin Foust, Tyler Riley, Traven Hutton, Bryan Ailey, Trig Tennant, Gabe Buckbee, Montez Robinson, Chevy Sartin, and Garrett Feck
Back Row: Jake Beeson, Hunter Terrill, Brice Nittler, Jasean Bell, Spud Nuckles, Marcus Robinson, C
olten Watters, Zach Combs, Corbin Clark, and Gavin Lough


Kade Hunt & Jonas Stoy


Ark City Takedown Club Invitational 2010: Another One Down In the Books

On Saturday, December 11th, the Ark City Takedown Club hosted their 37th annual Invitational Tournament. Just more than 500 wrestlers competed in the event. The tournament was definitely a success, and could not have been made possible without the help of numerous volunteers. For everyone that helped -- Thank you! Several ACTC wrestlers placed in the top four of their age/weight divisions. For individual results, please refer to Track Wrestling.

Ark City Takedown Club Invitational Tournament Placers

ark city 2010
Front Row (L-R): Clayton Foy, Bow Gray, Colton Kennedy, Jevin Foust, Grant Cook, Jesse Hobbs, Holden Lough, Trig Tennant, Kael Pappan, and Tyler Riley
Second Row: Jarod Thompson, Brice Nittler, Christian Robinson, Traven Hutton, Ethan Wallace, Bryan Ailey, Gavin Lough, Chevy Sartin, Britton MacLaughlin, Gabe Buckbee, and Montez Robinson
Back Row: Hunter Terrill, Jake Beeson, Kaden Steiner, Marcus Robinson, Ketchin Kiser, Brody Villers, Zach Combs, Logan Terrill, Dalton Collins, Jason Hunt, Gage Lee, Spud Nuckles, Colten Watters

ark city 2010 beginners
Spencer MacLaughlin, Chase Mathews, Jonas Stoy, Kade Hunt, and Ayden Legleiter



Two ACTC Wrestlers Take On OK

On Saturday, December 4th, Spud Nuckles and Zach Combs wrestled in Sperry, Oklahoma. Spud captured first in his division (14U, 115lbs), while Zach (14U, 120lbs) placed third. On Sunday, December 5th, Zach also competed in Edmond, OK and brought home more hardware.

Zach Combs and Spud Nuckles
Zach Combs


Cliff Keen Kick Off Classic Deemed a Success for Seven ACTC Wrestlers

Facing fierce competition at the Cliff Keen Kick Off Classic on Friday, November 19th through Saturday, November 20th, six local wrestlers were able to place in the top six of their age/weight divisions.

cliff keen kick off 2010
Front Row (L-R): Trig Tennant 4th, Kael Pappan 2nd, Chevy Sartin 2nd, and Traven Hutton 6th
Back Row: Spud Nuckles 6th, Jake Beeson 4th, and Montez Robinson (did not place)

Six ACTC Members Compete at Ponca and Bring Home Plaques

On Saturday, November 20th, six Ark City Takedown Club wrestlers competed in the Ponca City Tournament. All six placed in the top three of their age/weight divisions.

ponca 2010
Front Row: Bryan Ailey 3rd 6U 55lbs; Grant Cook 2nd 6U 43lbs
Back Row: Hunter Terrill 1st 10U 73lbs; Ketchin Kiser 1st 10U 80lbs, Garrett Feck 1st 10U 90lbs, and Dalton Collins 2nd 10U HWT


Ark City Takedown Club Fares Well at Blackwell

On Saturday, November 13th, fourteen Ark City Takedown Club wrestlers competed in the Blackwell, OK, open tournament. Eleven of those wrestlers placed in the top four of their weight/age divisions. In addition to the individual awards, the 8U wrestlers brought home the 1st place team trophy.

Congratulations to the following wrestlers who placed at Blackwell:

blackwell 2010 placers
Front Row (L-R): Traven Hutton, Trig Tennant, Chevy Sartin, and Gabe Buckbee
Back Row: Grant Cook, Britton MacLaughlin, Ketchin Kiser, Kael Pappan, and Bryan Ailey
Not Pictured: Spud Nuckles and Zach Combs

Beginner's Tournament
Twenty-seven wrestlers participated in the Beginners' Class Tournament held on Sunday, December 5th, 2010.

Braxton Graber, Cael Cook, and Aidan Brantley
Bryson Stoner, Andrew Beeson, and Ayden Legleiter
Harper Roberson, Brayden Stoner, and Austin Contreras
Jose Garcia, Kade Hunt, and Curtis Bogner
Alex Arndt, Holden Lough, and Cody Bruce
Justis Mosier, Spencer MacLaughlin, and Blake Ozbun
Acen Rider, Chase Mathews, and Mason Abbey
Trevor Johnson, Porter Gregory, and Brycen Dietrich
Jonas Stoy, Jace Thompson, and Marquis Lolar