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practice pics

Kael Pappan Nabs Trinity Award: A New Record in Ark City Takedown Club History

Kael Pappan Trinity Award
Kael Pappan stands surrounded by the trophies and medals earned at the Cliff Keen Kickoff, Tulsa Nationals, and Reno Worlds tournaments. The "Ultimate Triple Crown" or Trinity Award trophy is only awarded when a wrestler is a champion in all three competitions. (This trophy appears bottom center.)

Kael Pappan, son of Casey and Stacia Pappan achieved a feat that is so spectacular that it has never before happened in Ark City's history.  The younger Pappan won Ark City's first Trinity Award in wrestling.  The Trininty Award is reserved for the select few who are able win the 3 most prestigious National Tournaments in the country, during the same season.

Kael who wrestles at 49lbs, in the 6U divison, won the Cliff Keen Kickoff in November, Tulsa Nationals in January, and Reno Worlds this month.  Kael wrestled a total of 14 matches, in brackets consisting of kids from 44 states.  There were a total of 19 Trinity award winners this year out of 8,000 wrestlers that were vying for the Title.

Kael was also the first wrestler in Ark City history to win State Championships in two different age divisions.  Kael won the 6U State Championship and the 8U State Championship at 49lbs this year.  Kael's record for the season was 56-1.  His only loss, coming to an 8U wrestler, was avenged in the State Championship Finals Match. 

Kael is a member of the Ark City Takedown Club.  Head Coach Chad Beeson said, "This is a great accomplishment for Kael, his Family, the Takedown Club, and the whole community.  Kael is a hard worker and puts in alot of extra time out of the practice room.  He's just an animal, and we expect even greater things from him."

Three Ark City Takedown Club Wrestlers Compete and Place at Brute-Adidas

On April 3rd, three Ark City wrestlers competed in the Brute-Adidas Nationals tournament in Kansas City. All three of them placed in their brackets. Colby Watters was the champion in 10th grade, 128 lbs division. Colton Watters placed 2nd in the 5th grade, 85lbs division. Sterling Terry took 3rd in the 11th grade, 155lbs group.

Brute Adidas 2010
Colton and Colby Watters display their earnings from Brute-Adidas Nationals. Not Pictured, Sterling Terry.

The Ark City Takedown Club Had 13 Wrestlers Place in the Top Six at the 2010 Kansas Kids State Championships

State Championships were held on Saturday, March 27th and Sunday, March 28th at Topeka. The ACTC entered 23 wrestlers.

The Ark City Takedown Club would like to wish a big congratulations to the following wrestlers that placed at state:

state placers 2010
Front Row (L-R): Kael Pappan, Gabe Buckbee, Britton MacLaughlin, Brody Villers, Jake Beeson, Chevy Sartin, and Trig Tennant
Back Row: Logan Terrill, Wyatt Villers, Sterling Terry, Colby Watters, and Cody Eastman
Not Pictured: Bryce Marr

The Ark City Takedown Club has 23 Wrestlers Qualified for State

Districts were held on March 20, 2010, at Bishop Carroll Catholic High School in Wichita. The ACTC had 39 wrestlers entered into Districts. Out of those thirty-nine wrestlers, twenty-three placed in the top four of their brackets and thus qualified for State. The Ark City Takedown Club would like to wish the following wrestlers good luck at State.
We are very proud of you!!!

Trig Tennant Corbin Hockenbury Kurt Burr
Kael Pappan Brody Villers Dylan Cox
Chevy Sartin Garrett Feck Matt McGrew
Britton MacLaughlin Jasean Bell Colby Watters
Christian Robinson Logan Terrill Sterling Terry
Montez Robinson Dalton Dietrich Bryce Marr
Gabe Buckbee Cody Eastman Aaron Asbury
Jacob Beeson Wyatt Villers  

Front Row (L-R): Corbin Hockenbury, Gabe Buckbee, Kael Pappan, Trig Tennant, and Chevy Sartin
Middle Row: Montez Robinson, Brody Villers, Christian Robinson, Garrett Feck, Logan Terrill, Britton MacLaughlin, Jake Beeson, and Jasean Bell
Back Row: Matt McGrew, Wyatt Villers, Aaron Asbury, Bryce Marr, Sterling Terry, Cody Eastman, Dalton Dietrich, and Kurt Burr
Not Pictured: Dylan Cox and Colby Watters

6U State Championship Placers

On Sunday, March 21st, 2010, the Kansas 6U State Championship Tournament was held in Ottawa, KS. The ACTC entered six wrestlers into the tournament. Three wrestlers placed in the top six of their brackets and brought home plaques.

Congratulations Trig, Kael, and Ethan! Way to Go!!!

6u placers 2010
Trig Tennant, Kael Pappan, and Ethan Wallace

46 ACTC Wrestlers Entered Sub-Districts, 39 Are Moving On

Sub-Districts were held on March 13, 2010, at Wellington High School. The Ark City Takedown Club entered 46 wrestlers into Sub-Districts. Forty-three of those wrestlers placed in the top six of their brackets. Only wrestlers who place in the top four, advance on to Districts. ACTC has 39 wrestlers that will be competing on March 20th at Districts in Wichita.

The Ark City Takedown Club would like to wish the following wrestler's good luck!

Trig Tennant Kael Pappan Samuel Dickey
Chevy Sartin Jarod Thompson Britton MacLaughlin
Christian Robinson Montez Robinson Gabe Buckbee
Jacob Beeson Ketchin Kiser Corbin Hockenbury
Brody Villers Marcus Robinson Garrett Feck
Blake Watkins Jasean Bell Dalton Collins
Corbin Clark Diamante Perez Gage Lee
Logan Terrill Colton Watters Bryson Nuckles
Dalton Dietrich Hayden Raby Cody Eastman
Wyatt Villers Kurt Burr Dylan Cox
Matt McGrew Michael Helms Colby Watters
Blake Horton Keaton Barclay Lucas Hockenbury
Sterling Terry Bryce Marr Aaron Asbury

District Qualifiers 2010

sub-districts 2010
Front Row (L-R): Garrett Feck, Ketchin Kiser, Brody Villers, Gabe Buckbee, Trig Tennant, Jasean Bell, Chevy Sartin, and Jacob Beeson
Middle Row: Gage Lee, Blake Watkins, Diamante Perez, Britton MacLaughlin, Montez Robinson, Christian Robinson, Marcus Robinson, Jarod Thompson, and Colton Watters
Back Row: Dalton Collins, Logan Terrill, Blake Horton, Keaton Barclay, Sterling Terry, Dalton Dietrich, Cody Eastman, and Corbin Clark
Not Pictured: Kael Pappan, Sammy Dickey, Corbin Hockenbury, Bryson Nuckles, Hayden Raby, Wyatt Villers, Kurt Burr, Dylan Cox, Matt McGrew, Colby Watters, Lucas Hockenbury, Bryce Marr, and Aaron Asbury


At Douglass, Ten Competed & Ten Brought Home Medals

Ten Ark City Takedown Club Wrestlers competed at the Douglass Tournament held on Saturday, February 20, 2010. All ten of them brought home medals, five of them were declared champions.

Front Row (L-R) Sammy Dickey, 1st 8U 52; Chevy Sartin, 1st 8U 55, Ketchin Kiser, 1st 10U 67; Gabe Buckbee 1st 10U 55 & 58;and Britton MacLaughlin, 1st 8u 64
Back Row: Blake Watkins, 3rd 10U 79; Gage Lee, 2nd 12U 76;and Jarod Thompson, 2nd 8U 58
Not Pictured: Christian Blenden, 4th 10U 100; and Jasean Bell, 2nd 10U 110

Haysville Kings of the Ring

On Saturday, February 13, four Ark City Takedown Club members were crowned kings, several others placed and received medals. Kael Pappan was awarded the outstanding wrestler in the 6 & under age division.

Front Row (L-R): Kael Pappan, Jake Beeson, Chevy Sartin, and Trig Tennant
Back Row: Christian Robinson, Montez Robinson, Corbin Hockenbury, Marcus Robinson, Colten Kennedy, Traven Hutton, and Britton MacLaughlin

Maize's Battle of the Belt Placers 2010

Several members of the Ark City Takedown Club competed on February 6, 2010, at Maize's Battle of the Belt Tournament. The following wrestlers placed.

Front Row (L-R): Cole Clark*, Chevy Sartin, Kael Pappan, and Trig Tennant
Back Row: Christian Robinson, Jasean Bell, Jake Beeson, Brody Villers, and Gabe Buckbee
* Cole Clark competed in the Novice State Championships and placed 5th

Salina Tournament of Champions Placers 2010

Front Row (L-R) Kael Pappan, 1st place, 6U 49lbs; Trig Tennant, 1st place, 6u 46lbs
Back Row: Montez Robinson, 2nd place, 8U 70lbs; Jacob Beeson, 3rd place, 10U 61lbs; Gabe Buckbee, 4th place, 10U 55lbs
Not pictured: Chevy Sartin, 4th place, 8U 55lbs


Cliff Keen Tulsa Nationals 2010

Eight Ark City Takedown Club members competed in the Cliff Keen Tulsa Nationals Tournament held on January 22 & 23rd in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Jacob Beeson, Kael Pappan, and Trig Tennant all placed in the finals. For a complete listing of the results, please see the "schedule & results" section of our website.

Congratulations Wrestlers!!!!

tulsa nationals 2010

Jacob Beeson, 3rd place, 10U 61lbs, Kael Pappan, 1st place, 6U 49lbs, Trig Tennant, 5th place, 6U 46lbs

Caney Placers

caney placers 2010

(L-R) Gavin Lough, Christian Blenden, Dalton Collins, Ketchin Kiser, Bryan Ailey, Traven Hutton, Christian Robinson, Marcus Robinson, and Montez Robinson

Winfield Tournament Placers

The Ark City Takedown Club entered forty-four wrestlers in the Winfield Wrestling Invitational Tournament held on Saturday, January 16, 2010. Twenty-nine of those wrestlers brought home medals by placing in the top four spots of their brackets.

winfield placers 2010
Front Row (L-R) Ethan Wallace, Bryan Ailey, Chevy Sartin, Kael Pappan, Trig Tennant, Spencer MacLaughlin, Britton MacLaughlin, Haden O'Toole, Montez Robinson, and Sammy Dickey
Back Row: Jasean Bell, Diamante Perez, Sierra Farley, Marcus Robinson, Blake Watktins, Hunter Terrill, Christian Blenden, Dalton Collins, Corbin Hockenbury, Jake Beeson, Gabe Buckbee, Christian Robinson, and Jarod Thompson

Goddard Results and Placers

Twelve members from the Ark City Takedown Club entered the Goddard Tournament held on Saturday, January 9th, 2010. Five of those wrestlers placed in the top four and brought home medals.

goddard 2010
Traven Hutton, 3rd place, 6U 52B; Corbin Hockenbury, 2nd place, 10U 67A; Britton MacLaughlin, 4th place, 8U 67A;
Jasean Bell, 2nd place, 10U 110A; Bryan Ailey, 2nd place, Tonkawa OK Tournament
Not Pictured: Haden O'Toole, 2nd place, 55A


USJOC Placers

Ten wrestlers from the Ark City Takedown Club entered the USJOC Tournament held in Oklahoma City on January 2nd & 3rd. Five of those wrestlers finished in the top six and brought back the hardware to prove it. For a complete list of the results please visit the Schedule & Results section of our website.

usjoc 2010 placers

Front Row (L-R): Trig Tennant (2nd 6U 46lbs) and Bryan Ailey (Novice 49lbs)
Back Row: Sammy Dickey (6th 8U 52lbs), Jake Beeson (1st 10U 61lbs), Kael Pappan (1st 6U 49lbs)

Valley Center Tournament Placers

The Ark City Takedown Club entered thirteen wrestlers in the Valley Center Open Tournament, held on Saturday, January 3rd, 2009. Eleven of our wrestlers finished in the top four and brought home trophies and medals. For complete results please visit the "Schedule & Results" section of our website.

valley center placers 2010
Front Row (L-R): Traven Hutton, Jesse Hobbs, Ethan Wallace, Grant Cook
Back Row: Colton Watters, Britton MacLaughlin, Haden O'Toole, Montez Robinson, Christian Robinson, Marcus Robinson
Not Pictured: Logan Wallace

Ark City Invitational Tournament Placers

Numerous Ark City Takedown Club wrestlers placed in the top 4 and earned medals at the Ark City Invitational Tournament held on December 12, 2009. For a complete list of results please visit the "schedule & results" section of the website.

ac placers 09
Front Row (L-R): Cole Clark, Chevy Sartin, Colten Kennedy, Grant Cook, Bryan Ailey, Ethan Wallace, Haden O'Toole, Trig Tennant, Sammy Dickey
Back Row: Blake Watkins, Corbin Clark, Britton MacLaughlin, Hunter Terrill, Jake Beeson, Eric Voth, Garrett Feck, Gabe Buckbee, Montez Robinson, Brody Villers

The Ark City Takedown Club would like to congratulate Jim Ramirez on his recent induction into the National Wrestling Hall of Fame. Way to go Jim!!

From the Kansas Wrestling Website:

Congratulations to Jim Ramirez on his induction into the National Wrestling Hall of Fame.  The Arkansas City native was recognized as "one of the most accomplished collegiate and folkstyle officials in the nation having officiated 16 straight NCAA Division I National Championships."  (11/6/09)


Cliff Keene Kick Off Tournament
November 21st, 2009 in Tulsa, OK

cliff keene 09
Kael Pappan 1st 8U 49lbs; Jake Beeson 2nd 10U 61lbs; Trig Tennant 4th 8U 46lbs

Ponca City Open Tournament
November 21st, 2009 in Ponca City, OK

ponca city open 09

Front Row (L-R): Diamante Perez 3rd 12U 67lbs; Montez Robinson 1st 8U 70lbs; Marcus Robinson 4th 10U 73lbs; Grant Cook 3rd 6U 40lbs;
(Right Side) Bryson Nuckles 1st 12U 80lbs; Christian Robinson 1st 8U 67lbs; Zack Combs 1st 12U 84lbs
Back Row: Garrett Feck 2nd 10U 70lbs; Alec Cassaboom 3rd 10U 70lbs; Corbin Hockenbury 4th 10U 70; Colton Watters 3rd 12U 84lbs; Brody Villers 1st 10U 70lbs


Ark City Takedown Club Places 12 at Blackwell Open
Sixteen members of the Ark City Takedown Club competed in the Blackwell Open Tournament on November 14th, 2009. Twelve ACTC wrestlers placed in the top four.
(For individual results please go to Schedule & Results)

blackwell photo
Front Row (L-R) Trig Tennant, Kael Pappan, Chevy Sartin, Grant Cook
Back Row Gabe Buckbee, Montez Robinson, Jacob Beeson, Gavin Lough, Dalton Collins, Logan Terrill

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