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TEAM PHOTO 2008-2009
group pic


2009 Kansas Kids Folkstyle State Championships Results

Twenty-two ACTC Wrestlers Qualified and Eleven Brought Home the "Hardware"

Two Ark City Takedown Club wrestlers were deemed champions and nine others placed in the top six of their age/weight divisions at the recent State Championships Tournament that was held at the Topeka Expocentre on March 27-29. A huge congratulations is extended to the following wrestlers: Jake Beeson, 1st (8U 55); Ketchin Kiser, 3rd (8U 61); Hunter Terrill, 3rd (8U 64); Garrett Feck, 5th (8U 73); Bryson Nuckles, 3rd (10U 82); Logan Terrill, 3rd (12U 68); Michael Helm's, 4th (14U 100); Wyatt Villers, 2nd (14U 105); Cody Eastman, 6th (14U 115); Colby Watters, 1st (16U 115); and Sterling Terry, 3rd (16U 145). For overall results please visit the Schedule and Results section of our website.

2009 state placers
Front Row (L-R): Ketchin Kiser, Logan Terrill, Hunter Terrill, Jake Beeson, Chevy Sartin, and Garrett Feck
Back Row: Bryson Nuckles, Wyatt Villers, Colby Watters, Michael Helms, and Sterling Terry

End-of-the-Year Banquet

As a final farewell to the end of the 2008-09 wrestling season, the ACTC held its annual banquet on Wednesday, April 1st, 2009. Numerous wrestlers and families were able to attend. The event was held in the meeting room at the Rec Center and was catered by WB Meats.

Thank you to everyone within the wrestling "family" for all of your hard work and effort this season. A special thanks to the Ark City Optimist Club and the entire community, we certainly appreciate ALL of the support!!!

banquet pic


State Qualifiers

District matches were held on Saturday, March 21st, 2009, at Winfield High School. The Ark City Takedown Club had thirty-three wrestlers who qualified for districts. Twenty-two of those wrestlers placed in the top four of their age/weight brackets and are now qualified for State. The Kansas State Folkstyle Championship Tournament is held in Topeka and begins on March 27. (For individual results, please go to the "Schedule and Results" section of our website)

State Qualifiers:

  • Sammy Dickey
  • Jake Beeson
  • Ketchin Kiser
  • Hunter Terrill
  • Garrett Feck
  • Dalton Collins
  • Corbin Hockenbury
  • Bryson Nuckles
  • Logan Terrill
  • Michael Love
  • Dalton Dietrich
  • Michael Helms
  • Wyatt Villers
  • Cody Eastman
  • Kurt Burr
  • Trey Dice
  • Lucas Hockenbury
  • Matt McGrew
  • Colby Watters
  • Sterling Terry
  • Bryce Marr
  • Codi Larmer

2009 Ark City Takedown Club State Qualifiers
state qualifiers
Front Row (L-R) Sammy Dickey, Bryson Nuckles, Corbin Hockenbury, Hunter Terrill, Logan Terrill, Garrett Feck, Jacob Beeson, and Ketchin Kiser
Second Row - Matt McGrew, Kurt Burr, Bryce Marr, Codi Larmer, Lucas Hockenbury, Trey Dice, Dalton Collins
Back Row - Wyatt Villers, Cody Eastman, Dalton Dietrich, Michael Helms, Colby Watters, and Michael Love (Not Pictured: Sterling Terry)

6U State Championships

The 6&U Kansas State Championships were held on Sunday, March 22, 2009, at Ottawa, KS. A big congratulations to the following wrestlers who placed.

6U Kansas State Championships Placers
6u state
Chevy Sartin, Sammy Dickey, Gavin Lough, Kael Pappan, and Trig Tennant

District Qualifiers

Thirty-seven wrestlers from Arkansas City entered the Sub-Districts on Saturday, March 14, 2009, in Wellington, KS. Thirty-three out of the thirty-seven AC wrestlers advanced on to District Championships (March 21 in Winfield) by placing in the top 4 of their age/weight bracket. (Please check the "Schedule and Results" section for individual results)

12 of the District Qualifiers
subdistrict placers
Front Row (L-R): Jarod Thompson, Jacody Bratcher, Garrett Feck, Jacob Beeson, and Hunter Terrill
Back Row: Ketchin Kiser, Alec Cassaboom, Logan Terrill, Bryson Nuckles, Corbin Hockenbury, Marcus Robinson, and Montez Robinson)

Park City's Wichita Classic

The Wichita Classic Tournament was held in Park City on Saturday, March 7th, 2009. Twelve ACTC wrestlers competed, and seven placed in the top four and brought home plaques. For individual results, please visit the schedule and results section of our website.

Wichita Classic Placers
Front Row (L-R): Sammy Dickey, Kael Pappan, Trig Tennant, Chevy Sartin
Back Row: Cody Eastman, Corbin Hockenbury
(Not Pictured: Colby Watters)


Mulvane Tourney Placers
Members of the Ark City Takedown Club competed in the Mulvane Open Tournament on Saturday, February 28, 2009. (Check back for results, they are not posted yet.)

Front Row (L-R): Jarod Thompson, Hunter Terrill, Ketchin Kiser, Alec Cassaboom
Second Row: Logan Terrill, Gage Lee, Jacody Bratcher, Garrett Fleck

Haysville Open Tournament Results

The Haysville Open Tournament was held on Saturday, February 21, 2009, in Haysville, KS. Several Ark City Takedown wrestlers competed in the tournament. Approximately 600 wrestlers were in total attendance. Tournament results are now posted on our "Schedule and Results" page.

Haysville Tournament Placers from ACTC
haysville placers
Front Row (L-R): Jarod Thompson, Corbin Hockenbury, Kael Pappan, Trig Tennant, Grant Cook, Jake Beeson, and Chevy Sartin
Back Row: Garrett Feck, Bryson Nuckles, Jacody Bratcher, and Hunter Terrill

Maize's "Battle of the Belt" Brought on the Competition

Maize Wrestling Club hosted their annual open tournament on Saturday, February 7, 2009. This year they added a championship belt into the mix. It worked. Competitors from all around, including Oklahoma and Missouri, showed up to battle for the belt. Four members from the Ark City Takedown Club brought home belts. Ten other ACTC members medaled.

Novice State Champs

On Sunday, February 8, 2009, the Novice State Championship Tournament was held in Derby, KS. Ten ACTC wrestlers entered the tournament and seven were victorious by placing in the top six. For individual results please visit the "Schedule and Results" section of our website.

Maize Open Placers and Novice State Champ Placers
maize and novice champs
Front Row (L-R): Ethan Wallace, Colton Watters, Grant Cook, Kael Pappan, Sammy Dickey, Trig Tennant, Brice Nittler, Chevy Sartin, and Logan Wallace
Back Row: Haden O'Toole, Chance Barnes, Gabriel Pratt, Logan Terrill, Jake Beeson, Brody Villers, Ketchin Kiser, Dalton Collins, and Christian Blenden


12 ACTC Wrestlers Finish in the Top Six at Salina's Tournament of Champions

Salina's annual Tournament of Champions was held on Saturday, January 31st, 2009. As expected, the entries were abundant and the matches were tough. Twelve Ark City Takedown Club wrestlers placed in the top six. Trig Tennant captured second in the 6 and under 40 pounds division, while Ethan Wallace took sixth in the same category. Kael Pappan placed third in the 6 and under 43 pounds division. Samuel Dickey and Chevy Sartin both competed in 6 and under 49 lbs. They placed first and third respectively. Ketchin Kiser brought home fourth place from the 8 and under 61 pounds division. Hunter Terrill wrestled 8 and under at 64 pounds and captured second place. Garrett Feck took fourth at 8 and under 73 pounds. Dalton Collins, who wrestles 8 and under, was in a combined weight class of 100-115. He placed sixth. Brody Villers brought home a third place trophy from the 10 and under 67 lbs division. Bryson Nuckles placed fifth in the 10 and under 82 lbs. Logan Terrill, who wrestles 12 and under at 68 lbs, took 6th place.

Placers from Salina's Tournament of Champions
Front Row (L-R): Kael Pappan, Trig Tennant, Ethan Wallace, Chevy Sartin
Back Row: Brody Villers, Logan Terrill, Ketchin Kiser, Dalton Collins
(Not Pictured: Sammy Dickey, Hunter Terrill, Garrett Feck, Bryson Nuckles)

Augusta Open/Novice and Garden Plain Novice Tournaments Prove Fruitful for the Ark City Takedown Club

While some wrestlers were at Salina over the weekend, several other members of the Ark City Takedown Club competed a little closer to home. Augusta held a Open/Novice Tournament on Saturday, January 31st and Garden Plain hosted a Novice Tournament on Sunday, February 1st. At Augusta, Haden O'Toole, Trent Sutherland, and Gavin Lough all captured first place in their 6 and under age/weight divisions. Brice Nittler placed third at 8 and under 67lbs. On Sunday, Haden traveled to Garden Plain and claimed first place there too.

Augusta & Garden Plain Placers
augusta placers
Trent Sutherland, Brice Nittler, and Haden O'Toole
(Not Pictured: Gavin Lough)

Ark City Takedown Club Claims 1 Team Trophy and 12 Individual Medals at Independence

On Saturday, January 24, 2009, several members of the Ark City Takedown Club competed in the Bulldog Classic at Independence, KS. The 6U age group earned the "6 and Under Team Champions" title. For complete results, please visit the "schedule and results" section of the this website.

6 and Under Team Champions
independence 6u
Front Row (L-R): Grant Cook, Chevy Sartin, Traven Hutton
Back Row: Colton Kennedy, Trig Tennant, Sammy Dickey

8U and 10U Wrestlers Who Placed in Independence
independence 8and10
Front Row (L-R): Marcus Robinson, Garrett Feck, Christian Blenden
Back Row: Christian Robinson, Montez Robinson, Corbin Hockenbury, (Not Pictured Chance Barnes

Wrestlers compete in Douglass and Tulsa on January 17, 2009

Twenty-two out of twenty-four ACTC wrestlers brought home medals from the Douglass Jr. Wrestling Invitational Tournament over the weekend. (Individual results may be viewed on our Schedule & Results page.) At the same time, Cliff Keen Tulsa Nationals were taking place in Tulsa, OK. Sammy Dickey was the sole Ark City wrestler that placed at Tulsa. Congratulations to all of the Ark City Takedown Club wrestlers, keep up the good work!!!

Douglass Jr. Wrestling Invitational Placers
douglass placers 2009
Front Row (L-R): Grant Cook, Gavin Lough, Jarod Thompson, Britton MacLaughlin, Corbin Hockenbury, Colton Watters, Ketchin Kiser, Alec Cassaboom, Garrett Feck
Second Row: Brice Nittler, Trent Sutherland, Montez Robinson, Chevy Sartin, Trig Tennant
Back Row: Marcus Robinson, Gage Lee, Christian Robinson, Chance Barnes, Bryson Nuckles, Christian Blenden

(Not Pictured: Haden O'Toole, Hunter Terrill, Dalton Collins)

Tulsa Nationals Placer
tulsa placers 2009
Sammy Dickey

32 Medals are Brought Home from the Winfield Open and Central Novice Tournaments

The Winfield Open Tournament was held on Saturday, January 10, 2009. Thirty-three Ark City Takedown Club wrestlers competed. Twenty-seven of those wrestlers brought home medals and placed in the top four of their weight and age divisions. The Central Wrestling Club hosted a Novice Tournament on Sunday, January 11, 2009. Five ACTC wrestlers competed and placed within the top four. For detailed and individual results visit the "Schedule & Results" page.

2009 Winfield Open Placers
Winfield Open Placers
Front Row (L-R): Kael Pappan, Trig Tennant, Grant Cook, Sammy Dickey, Ethan Wallace, Haden O'Toole
Second Row: Brice Nittler, Montez Robinson, Marcus Robinson, Alec Cassaboom, Corbin Hockenbury, Britton MacLaughlin, Jake Beeson, Gabriel Pratt, Trent Sutherland
Back Row: Ketchin Kiser, Garrett Feck, Brody Villers, Colton Watters, Hunter Terrill, Dalton Collins, Chevy Sartin
(Not Pictured: Kody Kirkbride, Jared Thompson, Mick Bryant, Gage Lee, and Michael Helms)

2009 Central Novice Tournament Placers
central placers
(L-R) Trent Sutherland, Chevy Sartin, Gabriel Pratt, Haden O'Toole

ACTC Wrestlers Fare Well at National and Local Tournaments

JOC Placers

joc placers
(L-R) Jake Beeson (1st, 8U 55lbs.), Sammy Dickey (3rd, 6U 49lbs.), Hunter Terrill (4th, 8U 64lbs.), and Kael Pappan (1st, 6U 43lbs.)
The United States Junior Open Wrestling Championships was held in Oklahoma City, January 2-3, 2009

The Rings Are In

Jake Beeson and Kael Pappan wear their championship rings from the JOC Tournament.

joc rings

Jake Beeson and Kael Pappan show off their championship rings earned at the JOC Tournament.

Valley Center Open Placers

valley center placers
(L-R) Marcus Robinson, Christian Robinson, Britton MacLaughlin, Montez Robinson, Dalton Collins (not pictured: Mick Bryant)
The Valley Center Open Tournament was held on Saturday, January 3, 2009

Two ACTC Wrestlers Place at Panhandle Nationals

The Panhandle Nationals tournament was held in Lubbock, TX, November 28-29, 2008. Kael Pappan captured 1st place in the 7 and under, 46lbs division. Jake Beeson took 5th place in the 9 and under 55lbs division. This national tournament draws in competitors from six different states.

panhandle nationals
Kael Pappan and Jake Beeson display the belt and medal earned at Panhandle Nationals


Ark City Takedown Club Represented Well at Cliff Keen Kick Off Classic:
Seven ACTC Wrestlers Competed, Three Placed

The Cliff Keen Kick Off Classic was held in Tulsa, OK, on November 14-15, 2008. There were more than 1,300 participants from thirty different states.The Ark City Takedown Club was represented well with seven wrestlers. The following wrestlers entered the tournament (names arranged in ascending order by age/weight) Kael Pappan, Jake Beeson, Ketchin Kiser, Corbin Hockenbury, Alec Cassaboom, Colby Watters, and Lucas Hockenbury. Kael Pappan placed fourth in the 6 and Under, 43 lbs category. Jake Beeson and Ketchin Kiser both wrestled in the 8 and Under age group. Jake Beeson captured first place in the 55 lb weight group. Ketchin Kiser placed fifth in the 61 lb division.

cliff keen placers
Kael Pappan, Jake Beeson, and Ketchin Kiser


Practice Is In Full Swing

The Ark City Takedown Club is pleased to announce that it has recently purchased new equipment for the wrestling room and wrestling dummies to enhance practices. The wrestling room is now equipped with two large ropes which hang from the ceiling, two peg boards, and a large pull-up bar.

Beginner and Advanced practices began the week of November 3rd.
The pictures below are from practice on Thursday, November 6, 2008.

beginner practice
Beginner Wrestlers Practice a Stance
beginner practice
Beginners Bring It In...1-2-3-Ark City Takedown!!!
advanced practice
Advanced Wrestlers Stretch It Out During Warm-Ups
advanced practice
Coaches Demonstrate a Wrestling Move to the Advanced Class
Hunter Terrill Climbs One of the New Ropes as
Stuart Cassaboom Stands By for Safety
Britton MacLaughlin Keeps on Climbing
Lance McBride Slides Back Down After Reaching the Top
Jake Beeson Dashes Up the Rope
pull up
Alec Berg Works on Pull-Ups as Coach Bryan Assists
pull up
Kael Pappan Quickly Puts in Ten as Coach Doug Spots Him
Coach Chad Demonstrates How to Grapple With One of the New Dummies
peg board
Wrestlers Test Their Skills (and Upper Body Strength) on Peg Boards

Pictures from Practice on November 6, 2008


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