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For more information please contact: The Ark City Takedown Club
Pres. Jason O'Toole (620) 442-1882 or V.P. Chad Beeson (620) 441-8048
or contact the Ark City Recreation Center
225 E. 5th Avenue, Arkansas City, KS 67005 (620) 441-4300

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2007-2008 Highlights

If you have any pictures that you have taken during the 2007-2008 season and
would like to see them posted on this website, please email them to


Clinic of Champions
Held on Saturday, June 7, 2008

Jim Ramirez, an NCAA National Wrestling referee from Arkansas City, hosted a wrestling clinic on Saturday, June 7, 2008, at the Ark City Rec Center. Nathan Morgan, a three-time Big 12 Champion and an All-American wrestler from Oklahoma State University, ran the clinic. There were twenty kids from Ark City, Wichita, Garden Plain, and Caney that attended.



2008 State Placers

2008 state placers
(Front Row L-R) Sammy Dickey, Christian Robinson, Britton MacLaughlin, Trig Tennant
(Back Row) Coach Chad Beeson, Logan Terrill, Kurt Burr, Colby Watters, Cody Eastman, Jake Beeson
(Not Pictured: Brody Villers and Michael Helms)

Annual Banquet (April 2nd, 2008)


7 Ark City Takedown Club Wrestlers Place at State

The Kansas Kids State Championship Tournament was held on March 29-30, 2008, in Topeka, Kansas.
The Takedown Club sent sixteen wrestlers and seven of them were able to place.



  • Jacob Beeson, 1st place, 8U 52 lbs
  • Brody Villers, 3rd place, 8U 61 lbs
  • Logan Terrill, 5th place, 10U 61 lbs
  • Cody Eastman, 1st place, 12U 96 lbs
  • Kurt Burr, 3rd place, 12U 100 lbs
  • Michael Helms, 5th place, 14U 85 lbs
  • Colby Watters, 2nd place, 14U 105 lbs

VIEW COMPLETE STATE RESULTS (you can search by Team)


2008 state qualifiers
(Front row L-R) Efren Macias, Corbin Hockenbury, Triston Potter, Jacob Beeson, Brody Villers
(Middle row) Corbin Clark, Wyatt Villers, Colby Watters, Cody Eastman, Logan Terrill
(Back row) Joe Descartes, Michael Martin, Sterling Terry, Matt McGrew, Michael Helms, Kurt Burr

16 Ark City Takedown Club Wrestlers Become State Qualifiers
The District II meet in Andover was held on Saturday, March 22nd. Twenty-seven ACTC members competed. Sixteen wrestlers move on to become State Qualifiers. The 2008 Kansas State Wrestling Folkstyle Champtionship Tournament will be held on March 29-30, 2008 (Saturday & Sunday) and the Kansas Expocentre in Topeka, Kansas.

Our 2008 State Qualifiers are:

  • Jacob Beeson, 1st, 8U 52 lbs
  • Corbin Hockenbury, 4th, 8U 55 lbs
  • Brody Villers, 1st, 8U 61 lbs
  • Corbin Clark, 2nd, 8U 110 lbs
  • Logan Terrill, 1st, 10U 61 lbs
  • Triston Potter, 1st, 10U 73 lbs
  • Wyatt Villers, 2nd, 12U 88 lbs
  • Cody Eastman, 1st, 12U 96 lbs
  • Kurt Burr, 2nd, 12U 100 lbs
  • Matthew McGrew, 2nd, 12U 165 lbs
  • Michael Helms, 1st, 14U 85 lbs
  • Colby Watters, 1st, 14U 105 lbs
  • Sterling Terry, 3rd, 14U 140 lbs
  • Efren Macias, 2nd, 14U 155 lbs
  • Joseph Descartes, 4th, 14U 175 lbs
  • Michael Martin, 2nd, 16U 145 lbs

Four ACTC Wrestlers Place at 6U State

6u state placers


27 ACTC Wrestlers Advance to Districts
Thirty-four wrestlers from the Ark City Takedown Club competed Saturday, March 15th, 2008, at the Sub-District II meet in Wellington. Twenty-seven wrestlers advance on to Districts in Andover on March 22nd. (Click on "2007-08 Schedule & Results" for detailed results)
The following wrestlers will move on:

  • Jacob Beeson, Champion
  • Corbin Hockenbury, 2nd
  • Alec Cassaboom, 2nd
  • Hunter Terrill, Champion
  • Marcus Robinson, 3rd
  • Ben Harth, 4th
  • Brody Villers, Champion
  • Garrett Feck, 4th
  • Dalton Collins, 3rd
  • Corbin Clark, 2nd
  • Logan Terrill, 2nd
  • Triston Potter, 3rd
  • Bryson Nuckles, 2nd
  • Lance McBride, Champion
  • Dalton Dietrich, Champion
  • Wyatt Villers, Champion
  • Cody Eastman, Champion
  • Kurt Burr, Champion
  • Matt McGrew, Champion
  • Michael Helms, Champion
  • Chris McGlasson, 2nd
  • Colby Watters, Champion
  • Lucas Hockenbury, 3rd
  • Sterling Terry, Champion
  • Efren Macias, 2nd
  • Joe Descartes. 3rd
  • Michael Martin, Champion


Winfield Tournament, March 1st, 2008
for Results click on " 2007-2008 Schedule and Results" link

(photos submitted by Jennifer Collins)

Bryson Nuckles peeling off his opponent's arm
Jake Beeson
Jake Beeson starts from the down position
Hunter stand up
Hunter O'Toole locks up forehead-to-forehead
Hunter O'Toole continues the battle with Rocky Landwehr from Winfield

Three Wrestlers Place at Kansas Novice Championships at Derby (Feb. 17, 2008)

Ike Abrams, 2nd, 6U 64lbs
Alec Berg, 1st, 8U 46lbs
Corbin Hockenbury, 1st, 8U 55lbs

Corbin Hockenbury
Corbin Hockenbury displays his medal and bracket

Central of Burden Tournament (Feb. 16, 2008)

Colton Watters
Colton Watters sprawls to avoid a takedown
Triston Potter
Triston Potter bars an arm
Marcus Robinson
Marcus Robinson looking for a switch
Hunter O'Toole
Hunter O'Toole tripods up
Montez Robinson
Montez Robinson applying the half
Sammy Dickey
Sammy Dickey controls from the top
Garret Feck
Garrett Feck getting the best of his opponent
Jarod Thompson
Jarod Thompson raises his arm in victory
Jake Beeson
Jake Beeson looking for a pin
Coach Beeson and Aaron Watters observe from mat side


Augusta Tournament (Feb. 9, 2008)

Alec Berg
Alec Berg picks an ankle and drives
Alec Cassaboom
Alec Cassaboom works from the top
Britton MacLaughlin
Britton MacLaughlin secures an ankle
Dalton Collins
Dalton Collins waits on the ref to call the pin
Hunter Terrill
Hunter Terrill (in black) gets ready to score some back points
Marcus Robinson
Marcus Robinson keeping both shoulders down

6U & 8U top placers at Maize (Feb. 2, 2008)
(Pictured L-R) Brody Villers, Britton MacLaughlin, Kael Pappan, Jake Beeson, Ben Harth, Hunter Terrill, Corbin Hockenbury, Brittany Harth
Ben Harth
Ben Harth "rolls all the way through" for a pin
Jake Beeson
Jake Beeson gets ready to throw a half nelson
Brody Villers
Brody Villers patiently waits for the ref to tap

Salina Pictures (Jan. 26, 2008)

Trig Tennant

Kael Pappan

Montez Robinson

Christian Robinson

Jake Beeson

Hunter Terrill

Brody Villers

Logan Terrill

Ark City Takedown Club Members and Valley Center Wrestling Club Members Compete
in a Special Dual at ACHS Prior to the High School Matches (January 24, 2008)

Jake Shaw battles a Valley Center club member
Ark City High School wrestlers show their support
Marcus Robinson competes in one of the matches

Team Rosters

AC takedown
Ark City Takedown Club Members with Coaches 2007-2008
(Front Row L-R) Kael Pappan, Grant Cook, Jarod Thompson, Britton MacLaughlin, Brice Nittler, Brittany Harth, Daniel Willson, Trig Tennant, Sammy Dickey
(2nd Row L-R) Montez Robinson, Eli Munson, Dalton Collins, Ben Harth, Brody Villers, Jake Shaw, Corbin Clark, Hunter Terrill, Marcus Robinson
(3rd Row L-R) Gage Lee, Jacob Beeson, Christian Robinson, Gavin Lough, Corbin Hockenbury, Micholas Bryant, Ike Abrams, Hunter O'Toole, Logan Terrill
(4th Row L-R) Bryson Nuckles, Cody Eastman, Wyatt Villers, Michael Helms, Chris McGlasson, Hayden Raby, Triston Potter
(Coaches - Back Row L-R) Jason Ramirez, Chad Beeson, Trace Nuckles, Marty Villers, Jeff Cook, Wes Lough, Brian Tennant

beginners group 2007
Beginners Group and Coaches 2007-2008

2006-2007 Highlights (articles and pictures)